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Bed Making Hacks for a Put Together Look in a Flash

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/24/14 9:00 AM

Is making the bed one of the chores you dread each day? Maybe you hate tucking the sheets in or cannot get the pillows to look right. Perhaps it’s the down comforters that always give you trouble. While bed making may not be an exact science, there are tricks you can use to make the process easier and the end-result more polished.

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Get Inspired: 5 Amazing Cozy Ideas to Jumpstart Your Style

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/22/14 11:30 AM

Creating a personal retreat requires thoughtful ingredients that will enliven your space aesthetically while infusing a sense of calm for when you get tucked in at night. Ready for a change and need some special inspiration. We've got five space transforming ideas that will have your space transformed in no time.

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Deep Cleaning Hacks for Getting the Hotel Feel at Home

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/21/14 11:58 AM

What’s the first thing that’s on your mind when you step into a hotel room? How tired you are after a long day of travel, how inviting the crisp, white sheets and fluffy down comforter look or where to get dinner or any of a hundred things about your itinerary? Whatever you’re preoccupied with, chances are you aren’t thinking about all of the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people who have stayed in that room before you. And why is that?

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Topics: hotel bedding, down comforter

Recreate the Ambiance of Your Favorite Hotels at Home

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/17/14 11:00 AM

What do you notice first when you open the door of a hotel room? The furniture? The lighting? The smell? If it is a quality establishment, there’s a whole host of factors that come together to create an ambience that really knocks your socks off—and you can recreate it all in your own home.

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Topics: hotel bedding, personal retreat, DiY

Get Inspired: 4 Amazing Hotels with Unbelievable Style

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/15/14 11:30 AM

What makes a good hotel a great one? Out-of-this-world style that gets hotels a standing ovation from guests and critics alike.

Any property can boast comfort, luxurious hotel bedding and fine amenities. The establishments getting the highest marks, however, add just a little bit more to their design. From modern glamour to old world sophistication, take a look at four hotels that you will yearn to see up close.

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Topics: hotel bedding, hotel

The Secret to an Easier Wake Up

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/14/14 2:10 PM

Do you wake up feeling achy, still fatigued or like you're always getting up on the wrong side of the bed? If it’s a drag to get out of bed every day, consider these ways that you can create a healthy sleep environment in your home that helps you consistently wake up refreshed— without counting sheep night after night.

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Topics: Sleep Well, healthy home

Keep Your Home Healthy: Make Sure You Don't Bring Home Bed Bugs

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/11/14 11:30 AM

You have enough to worry about when it comes to maintaining a healthy home. The last thing you need is a house full of bed bugs.

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Topics: health, healthy home

Get Inspired: 3 Ideas to Dress up Your Duvet

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/10/14 10:54 AM

Want your duvet to be a design masterpiece? Down comforters, or duvets, keep you warm at night, but it’s the interchangeable cover that makes this bedroom accessory exciting. Keep the duvet clean and make it pop at the same time with an eye-catching cover. Consider three ways you can turn your duvet into a conversation piece by dressing it up with the right cover.

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Topics: duvet covers, duvet, duvet cover, down comforter

Upgrade Your Bed Just in Time for Winter with a Cozy, DIY Canopy

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/7/14 10:58 AM

If the colder winter months ahead have you envisioning yourself bundling up with flannels, sweatpants and ski socks before bed as your primary reprieve from the chilly weather, think again. Rather than overdressing in bulky layers of clothes every night, you can create the ultimate toasty-warm—and relaxing— winter sanctuary: a canopied bed. Nothing quite spells wintertime comfort like a cozy personal retreat where you can crawl in at night and shut the chill out.

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Topics: comforter, winter bedding, personal retreat

Treat Yourself: How to Find an Allergy-Friendly Hotel Room

Posted by Stefan Hunter

11/4/14 1:30 PM

You've seen the commercials. Itchy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing.

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Topics: hotel bedding, hotel, sleeping at hotels

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