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Maximize Your Outdoor Space with a Personal Retreat

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/19/14 10:00 AM

What do you see when you look at your lawn? If a sea of dandelions or patches of bare dirt catch the eye, your landscaping needs some TLC. Sprucing up your lawn can successfully turn your outdoor space into a relaxing personal retreat.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/17/14 8:30 AM

Summer has finally arrived. Can't you just smell the salt water, hear the campfire and taste the ice cream cones? These experiences and more can be yours this summer if you incorporate five steps into your summertime routine.

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Finding the Right Headboard to Complement Your Luxury Bedding

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/15/14 8:30 AM

Two things that most often catch the eye when you step into a bedroom are the headboard and the bedding.

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Topics: Down Bedding, bedding, Sleep Well, bedroom

Get the " Down"-Low on the Best Graduation Gift for Your Teen

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/12/14 12:18 PM

It's the age-old graduation dilemma: What to get the teen who has everything?

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Topics: back to school, Bedding Sizes, dorm bedding, dorm shopping

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: Setting Up a Gracious Guest Room

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/10/14 12:30 PM

A spare room isn’t just a place for overnight visitors to lay their heads— it’s a home away from home for weary travelers. From a bedside outlet for charging electronics to luxury bedding collections, stocking a room with everyday essentials as well as elegant extras not only promotes a good night sleep, but also enhances your reputation as "the hostess with the most-ess."

Read on to learn some simple yet meaningful ways to set up your guest bedroom.

Begin with the Basics

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The Secret to Finding More Time for Rest and Relaxation

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/8/14 10:28 AM

There's an old saying that if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. The idea is that when you help someone learn a skill, they'll be able to do that on their own for the rest of their life. The same holds true for children-- you teach them to do things so they don't always need your help.

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Topics: bedroom, personal retreat, cleaning

Stop Your Kids from Developing Bad Sleeping Habits at College

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/5/14 7:30 PM

Whether one or all of your kids are headed to college this fall, your job as mom doesn't end. You still think about your kids every day, wonder how they're balancing all their college requirements and worry about their well-being.

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Design Does Matter When It Comes to Sleep

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/3/14 7:30 AM

When you are redesigning your bedroom, don't forget the floor. Flooring may not seem like a priority, not like finding that a comforter or sheet set from that 5-star hotel bedding collection, but choosing the right or wrong flooring can have a major impact on the overall feel of your room.

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Topics: hotel bedding

Bored with Your Bedroom? DIY to a Better Bed

Posted by Stefan Hunter

7/1/14 7:00 AM

You begin and end your day in the bedroom. It's your place to recharge at the end of a long, grueling day and to wake up energized to face a new one.

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Topics: Down Bedding

Don't Let the Kid's Summer Activities Eat up All Your Personal Time

Posted by Stefan Hunter

6/28/14 7:00 AM

Summer's here and with it comes a calendar loaded with your kids' summer activities. You've probably signed your kids up for camp, swim lessons or other summertime fun, but have you remembered yourself? As a mom, it's easy to run the carpool and organize fun for the kids, but forget about your own needs.

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