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Struggle to Keep up with Housekeeping? Start with a Healthy Home.

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/15/14 2:15 PM

Wouldn't it be nice if your home cleaned itself? Since it doesn't, you end up cleaning for hours each weekend and missing out on time with your family. Change that when you create a clean and healthy home and then maintain it each week.

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Want a Healthy Home? Dress (Your Bed) for the Season

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/12/14 2:15 PM

You probably know all the trendy tips to keeping a healthy home-- organic foods and top of the line fitness equipment, for example, are always in the news. But there are plenty of things you can do to improve the health of your family that aren't being talked up by the media. Did you know, for instance, that chronic sleep problems play a significant role in overall health? Sleep deprivation impacts memory, cognitive functioning and decreases focus by as much as 32 percent, according to WebMD.

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Online Retailers Make Shopping into a Personal Retreat

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/10/14 2:15 PM

Nothing says relaxation quite like getting the shopping done while wearing your PJs and sipping a cup of coffee. Despite the security snafus of late, like the electronic records hack of a certain big box store, online shopping is still a national past time in the United States. Custora High-Growth E-Commerce Index noted that in 2013, a significant number of the Black Friday sales were done online, and 40 percent of those shoppers used a mobile device to complete the transaction.

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Spring Cleaning Hack: The 5 Minute Guide to a Healthy Home

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/8/14 2:15 PM

Your home won't always look like a showroom, and you don't always have enough time to deep clean it. However, you can create a healthy home by keeping it organized. But you can incorporate these 7 simple decluttering tricks into your everyday routines and get a jump on your spring cleaning five minutes at a time.

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10 Everyday Ways to Make Your Free Time a Personal Retreat

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/3/14 2:15 PM

If you're stressed, harried and frazzled, you need a personal retreat ASAP. But who has time for a hour-long bubble bath, spa day or early bedtime? You do if you try 10 stress relief and time management tips that build space into your day for restful and relaxing free time.

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Your Bedroom Should Be a Personal Retreat

Posted by Downlite Bedding

4/1/14 2:15 PM

Today’s modern mom needs a personal retreat to help alleviate the stress of a busy work and home life. “Me time” means getting away from office noise and runny noses, and that takes a special space.

Your bedroom is the one room that should be free from the chaos of the rest of the house. By definition, it is a place of respite and reprieve, but it can be difficult to find a way to make your bedroom a stress-free zone when you're always on the go.

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Does Buying Your Down Bedding Online Put Your Personal Data at Risk?

Posted by Downlite Bedding

3/31/14 2:15 PM

You've found down bedding and luxurious sheets online just like the ones at your favorite upscale hotel. You're ready to buy, but thoughts of recent data breaches at major retailers like Target cross your mind. And you wonder, "Is it safe to buy online? Am I putting my personal data or even my bank account at risk?"

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Down Bedding is an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Choice

Posted by Downlite Bedding

3/28/14 2:15 PM

When is the last time you used eco-friendly and sustainable in the same sentence as luxurious? The truth is the things that are good for the environment are not always what makes us feel pampered. But down bedding products are the exception to that rule. Natural bedding like down is more environmentally friendly than synthetic fills, and certainly the posh choice.

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10 Common Misconceptions About Down Bedding

Posted by Downlite Bedding

3/27/14 2:15 PM

There are many misconceptions floating around out there that keep people from buying down bedding.

But, in reality, down is an optimal choice of filler for your bedding that can have you sleeping in comfortable luxury. So learn the difference between fact and fiction and consider the sleep benefits of down before you decide it's not worth the risk.
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Hotel Bedding Brings the 5-Star Treatment to Your Bedroom

Posted by Downlite Bedding

3/26/14 2:15 PM

Your workday starts the minute you open your eyes in the morning. You get your family ready and out the door, you spend nine hours at the office, and then you put in a few more hours at home making sure kids are fed, homework is done and everyone's asleep on time.

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